A weekend course with Julianne Ferenzy

lectures on Buddhism at our Karma Guen retreat centre with Diamond Way Teacher Julianne Ferenzy.

A Milarepa month

“Milarepa Month” at our Karma Guen retreat centre, where we will begin to prepare the installations for the Easter and Summer courses, accompanied by our Diamond Way Teacher Pavel Fidler. The main objectives are to change the sound system in the gompa, to refurbish the rooms, and to change the bathrooms.

An open meditation retreat with DW teacher Pavel Fidler, Joan Paul Pozuelos and Elena Sanchez (TBC)

Open Retreat at our Karma Guen retreat centre with Diamond Way Teachers Elena Sánchez, Pavel Fidler and Joan Paul Pozuelos. Join us and practice intensele for a few days.

NY course in KG with Joan Paul Pozuelos, Javier Artacho & Pavel Filder

New Year's Course in our Karma Guen retreat centre. Share these special days with the residents of Karma Guen and the Spanish sangha with special meditations and teachings by Pavel Fidler and Javier Artacho.

Spanish Sangha Meeting

annual Spanish sangha meeting in Karma Guen. If you wish to know how the Spanish sangha is organized, you want to participate in a work team or meet colleagues from other cities this is your opportunity.

Lectures with Slava Ermolin

From Nov 11th to Nov 13sd there will take place some lectures about Buddhism with our Diamond Way teacher Slava Ermolin in our Retreat Center Karma Guen.

Statue-filling Weekend

statue-filling weekend in Karma Guen. This will be a precious opportunity for filling your center´s statues as well as your own.

8º Karmapa Retreat

to invite you to the 8º Karmapa Retreat that will take place from September 19th to September 25th. This retreat includes: Teachings for the practice of 8º Karmapa. Dorje Phagmo empowerment given by Nedo Rinpoche. Khorlo Demchok empowerment given by Nedo Rinpoche. Public lecture with Nedo Rinpoche at Benalmádena Stupa.

Buddhist Philosophy Study course (ITAS)

invite you to the Buddhist Philosophy Study course (ITAS) that will take place from 16th September to 20th September. This year´s subjects will be “The Jewel Ornament of Liberation” by Gampopa with Kertin Pramme and “The Terminology of the Buddhist Theory of Cognition” with Manfred Seegers.

Kalachakra stupa renovation

The main part of preparations for the Summer course - renovation of our Kalachakra stupa was finished last week. On the day of the birth, [...]

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