Almost 900 years ago, the first consciously reborn Yogi of Tibet renowned as the “Knower of the Three Times” the great Karmapa Dusum Khyenpa was born. He established his main seat of activity in a remote place in the Kham region near Chamdo in Tibet, and gave it the name Karma Guen. Its beauty and power became famous for centuries and are still known today.

It was the vision and blessing of the great 16th Karmapa Rangjung Rigpe Dorje through Lama Ole and Hannah Nydahl, together with the devotion and generosity of Dorrit and Pedro Gomez, that gave birth to Karma Guen in Spain. Today this place stands well rooted in the western world holding the boundless activity of the Karma Kagyu lineage with the 17th Karmapa Trinley Thaye Dorje.

As one of over 700 Diamond Way Buddhist centers Karma Guen has become a place where friends from all over the world come together. At the big international summer courses thousands of people meet, and throughout the year the place offers smaller courses and individual meditation retreats.

As a unique function within the Diamond Way, Karma Guen also host several cultural and academic activities. The well known Study Courses and ITAS translator programme where started by Hannah Nydahl in 2003. These activities have then been joined by the Tibetan thanka painting school, the neuroscience project and Translating the 16 Karmapas.

Karma Guen has thus become a place where Diamond Way students from around the world not only come to meditate, but also a place where the Tibetan Buddhist tradition and modern academia and science meet.

In the Thaye Dorje Gompa you can see the Amazing frescoes in the main meditation hall, Painted in the most rigorous Karma Gadri art style by the master Dawa Lhadripa they are an absolute masterpiece. Together with the Kalachakra Stupa build in 1994 by Lopon Tshechu Rinpoche these are unique in the Western World.

In the section of Study and Research you can find information and details about the Philosophical and linguistic academic studies and research and the translation of important Buddhist texts.
We invite you to take a look at our regular program and activities and allow yourself the chance to meet timeless values and make them part of your own life.

Seeing Karma Guen

We have visiting day on Sundays from 11:00 till 13:00. We will have someone to attend you and explain the different sights to be seen at Karma Guen. If you would like to visit us and look around in Karma Guen please contact us in advance.

You can watch a 360º view following next link. 360º View

Stay in Karma Guen

If coming to stay in Karma Guen for a night or a few weeks, then please note that staying is restricted to Karma Kagyu practitioners of the Diamond Way Buddhist school.

Please write us according to what your needs are. In this case we recommend that you write us an email between three days to a few weeks in advance for us to have a possibility to fulfil your wishes.

History of Karma Guen

If you would like to see a beautiful and more detailed description of Karma Guen’s history and sightings we have included the 111.111 Illustrated Magazine of Karma Guen for download. The magazine is a high quality PDF document which is 22 MB. large and can be downloaded  here.

Transportation to Karma Guen and back

From different locations namely from: Vélez-Málaga bus station (1), Málaga train and bus stations (2), Málaga airport (3).

If you need transport to or from Karma Guen then please let us know by writing an email at least three days in advance.

Information about public transport (PDF)

We look forward to seeing you soon, The KG team.