Lama Jigme Rinpoche visited Karma Guen and Benalmadena for the Easter course on March 23-27. His visits became a good spring tradition. This time we enjoyed his Mahamudra teachings and Diamond Mind empowerment in Karma Guen and Green Tara empowerment together with teachings on cause and effect given in Benalmadena. The family-like atmosphere at the course was sweet and full of blessing coming from Jigme Rinpoche and our entire lineage!

The first evening of the course, we did the Sixteenth Karmapa Guru yoga together with Rinpoche in the big gompa and after that he gave short but amazingly good teachings. The next several days we shared good time with Rinpoche listening to his lectures, having lunch and coffee together and once even dancing!.. During the course, our KG team was shooting a video for the new KG song, and luckily Jigme Rinpoche joined us in one group scene where we all showed true manifestation of joy. The video of the new KG song is coming soon! Come to the Summer course for the premiere J

Jigme Rinpoche promised us to come back to KG and Benalmadena for the next Easter course.

So come again to Karma Guen! Whenever you plan to come to KG, please send us an email on


KG team