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ITAS, the International Institute for Tibetan and Asian Studies, is offering a three-day intensive Tibetan language course. We are happy to offer the possibility to get a taste of the Tibetan language.

During these three packed days, our lecturers and senior students will help you to take your first step in studying Tibetanby learning how to read the Tibetan script. This time, we set ourselves a bold goal – after just three days, everybody will be able to read a text in Tibetan and write down correct transcription in his or her own language!

The course is open to everybody interested and does not require individual preparation. It will be modelled upon the ITAS course daily schedule, with inspiring classes and late night (voluntary) study-fun.

Students who attended one of the previous courses and want to deepen their knowledge in Tibetan are referred to the two-week block-taught course which runs from22 September to 7 October this year and which starts a series of further courses.

Date: 30 May to 1 June 2017 (3 days)

(The course will last all day for these three days. It will take place right before the Karma Guen summer course.)

Price: 15€ per day to be paid in cash at the entrance (excluding meals and accommodation fees)

Course requirements: fluent spoken English, especially knowledge of grammatical terms

Registration: Just show up at the ITAS course; no separate registration needed.

Contacts: contact@itas-uni.eu